Vespa is one of vehicle with very high production and circulation in
Asia. Many of the owners are very loyal to this vehicle and can be
categorized as a hobbyist.

Vespa World Club is a world organization that overshadowed the vespa
hobbyist, that has a regular agenda to meet each other with the hobbyist
from various country in the world.

In the year of 2017, Indonesia became the choice of Vespa World Club
to visit, especially participants from Asia region.

Vespa Club Indonesia, an official organization appointed by the Vespa World Club proposed this event held in Prambanan Temple area
and the hub of Yogyakarta City, namely Malioboro street

The selection of location in Prambanan Temple is not without a cause, beside as one of historic site, its location residing in residental area
become a bridge to introduce local culture wisdom as well as native beauty of tourism in Yogyakarta that would be perfect to be the central
activity for THOUSANDS of vespisties.

While the selection of Alun-alun Utara and Malioboro as the next crowd due to those are mandatory tourist destination when
visiting the city of Yagyakarta.

In addition, Parade Vespa Malioboro has been chosen as one of the activities to commemorate the 261st anniversary of the Yogyakarta City.